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Blackberry Country Quilts, LLC is a quilt finishing service owned and operated by Bryan and Marla Walter. Named for their seven-acre blackberry farm located in West-Central Missouri. After doing piecework for decades, in January of 2022, Marla took a leap of faith and invested in a Gammil longarm quilter. With the help of her husband Bryan and daughter Brandy, Blackberry Country Quilts is able to quilt those beautiful quilt tops you have already or offer custom quilts.

Longarm Quilting Service

Our Gammill longarm quilting machine has a 12ft frame, which allows us to do those oversized king-size quilts. It offers computerized quilting with over 1,000 patterns available with precision to quilt edge-to-edge!  

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They have quilted 10 quilts for me this year. Their work is amazing! Marla will search her 1000+ designs to find the one that compliments my quilt top. They always go above and beyond what is expected!
Stephanie Klee
Your work is awesome, and every quilt you do is a work of art with a lot of heart thrown in!!

Sylvia Walter
Absolutely gorgeous!!! Received the quilt in the mail today! It is absolutely gorgeous! You did a perfect job on it!’

Cindy M Machi
Marla Stadter Walter I will never be able to thank you enough for bringing my grandma's quilt back to life thank you so much!

Gerry Gail Mathis

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For an estimate to finish your beautiful top please fill out the form below for your free estimateWe will need size of quiltYou will need to furnish back that is a minimum of 8 inches wider and longer than your top (sheets are not acceptable)I have some 108″ fabrics available as a last resortWe look forward to hearing from you, Happy piecing, may all good fabric come your way!